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Utkarsha Naik
Utkarsha Naik

Mumbai, May 13, 2021 (News Team):
Akshaya Tritiya is considered one of the auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. It is considered as the perfect time to start or buy something new. Prem Bandhan’s Utkarsha Naik shares some fond memories of her grandmother explaining the importance of this festival. Her show currently airs on Dangal TV.

Talking about the memories of the auspicious day, Utkarsha Says, “My grandmother was the one who used to explain to us the meaning of the festival. She used to always tell us that during this time you can do anything which is good and auspicious. This is the perfect time for the work you’re going for. We would check with our pandit and then go forward. Akshaya Tritiya is included in one of the sadhe teen mahurats and hence you can buy a new car, buy a property or start a business or most people prefer to buy gold on this day. They also say that your destiny opens during that time and in the future, it helps you get good deeds. We can also make something sweet and pray for everyone. “

Keeping the current situations in mind, Utkarsha urges everyone to stay at home and try and help others on this day. She says, “This year, because of the pandemic, I will not be buying anything but if you really want to, I would request everyone to stay home and shop online and to avoid meeting people. I would also suggest helping others who are in need as that will get added to your good deeds. I would urge everyone to get vaccinated so that next year we can go out and celebrate the festivals with our friends and family.

She hopes and wishes this day brings light and hope to the country amidst these difficult times.

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