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Ravi Sudha Choudhary and Aparna Mallick
Ravi Sudha Choudhary and Aparna Mallick

Mumbai, June 23, 2021 (News Team)
: Under the banner of Rudransh Entertainment, Sitapur-the city of gangster is produced by Ravi Sudha Choudhary, and directed by Mobeen Warsi. The teaser of the film has been released.

Dev Singh Rana (Ravi Sudha Choudhary), the lead actor of the film Sitapur the city of gangster, happens to be the college president. In a mutual encounter in college itself, he gets into a fight with some bullies, which later takes the form of a fierce enmity. Since the bullies belongs to the political background, a series of murders starts. And this is where the story of Dev Singh Rana takes a turn. The series of murders and revenge on murders never stop.

The mix of romance, drama and action is well served in this story, which will prove to be successful to a great extent in keeping the audience engaged. The songs of this film have been shot at very idyllic locations, which make the songs quite appealing as well. Filled with all shades of politics, conspiracy, revenge, deceit and gang war, the film is found to be able to capture the love and attention of the audience. Preeti(Aparna Mallick),Lead Actress of this movie,has given an outstanding performance in this film.

Along with Preeti (Aparna Mallick) as the actresses of this film, Vaishali (Aachal Pandey) and Shalu Singh in the role of SP have also left their credibility. Karan (Gaurav Kumar) has done justice to the role of the villain. The performances of senior actors like Anil Rastogi, Naval Shukla, Mirza Azhar, Jabbar Akram and Jitendra Dwivedi have made the graph of the film quite experienced and stagnant.

Other actors of this film like Salauddin, Utkarsh Bajpai, Shiva Shukla, Arvind, Atul, Shiv Mohan etc. have also given commendable performances. The direction of the film by the director Mobeen Warsi is highly commendable. The film looks perfectly balanced and is all set to garner a lot of love from the audience.

Under the banner of Rudransh Entertainment, Sitapur-the city of gangster is produced by Ravi Sudha Chaudhary, directed by Mobeen Warsi. Gaurav Kumar, Shiva Shukla and Md.Salauddin are the executive producers. The story, screenplay and dialogue are given by Ravi Sudha Choudhary and Mobeen Warsi. The music is given by Ali Faishal, Narendra Sinha and Raushan Pandey.Ali Faishal, Ravi Sudha Choudhary, Rakesha Nirala and Aftab Alam have given the lyrics.Sameer Samy,Raju Dhimon and Anurag Thakur are the cinematographer and Akhilesh Mitra is the editor. Background score by Narendra Sinha, Action by Parvez Khan and Rajeev Rana and Choreography by Nirmal,Rishabh Verma, Nikhilesh Srivastava and Abhishek. The shooting of the film has been completed at Lucknow, Sitapur, Kanpur, Mirzapur, and Auraiya.

Ravi Sudha Chaudhary quoted "I am playing the character of Dev Singh Rana. The film starts with a conflict within college, the fight progresses with a renowned politician in the city and then with the Mafia. It's a dream character that an actor want to play."

Audience will witness all the essence like action, romance, drama, emotions, alluring locations, and action. The teaser of the film is out and it will be released on the OTT platform.

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