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Ludhiana / Jalandhar, March 01, 2022 (News Team): We owe the women in our lives majorly – each brilliant and special in their unique way, as they don many hats and keep us afloat through thick and thin, shaping us as the individuals we are today. So it’s only fair that we celebrate them, isn’t it? This International Women’s Day how about creating a special gift that represents our love for them, for everything they do for us? Or, even better hustle her along for a sewing workshop at The hab by Usha, to handcrafted some magic and long-lasting memories.

Lion Brooch

Lion Brooch – For the pillar of strength she is: This unique embroidered brooch is for those strong and courageous women in your life who lead by example. They are the ones who create a protective environment for everyone around them and always have your back, come what may. This brooch can be worn in many different ways. They can choose to pin it on to their favourite shirt or jackets as a reminder people look up to them as they, despite their own battles, continue to pave the path for a better tomorrow. Or they can pin it onto their tote bag to make a statement. Rest assured, anyone who gets this will be floored!

Embellished Pouch

Embellished Pouch – For those who add efficiency in our lives: There is nothing like a pouch too many, ask any women. This trendy pouch is for the women on the go who help others by showing them how to organise their lives so it leaves them with more time to enjoy their passions. They teach and empower you to organise your tasks, your days, and your environment so you begin to lead a richer life. They themselves run great effieicent jobs and homes. This embellished pouch is your chance to show her that you appreciate how she helps transform your life.

Flower Art

Flower Art – For the woman who’s always there: This one is for the free-spirited women who lend support unstintingly. They appreciate the arts and are advocates for sustainability putting the planet, and those around them ahead of themselves. This vibrant art piece is something they will treasure and enjoy creating and showing off for ever.

Trendy tote

Trendy tote – To store everything you need on-the-go: The secret to how much a woman’s totes can hold is a wonderous mystery. It’s almost like a magician’s bag from which she can fish out any thing you may need impromptu, as well as surprise gifts and treats for loved one. So if you have been enjoying these, it’s payback time don’t you think? Get this lovely lady this super cool tote to thank her and see how those tyreats keep flowing your way. Take them along to add more fun and joy and make her day more special. In fact, why don’t you pair a pouch with to truly win her over!

This International Women’s Day, let’s #BreakTheBias, to celebrate and cherish all women. Know them. Embrace them. Don’t miss out on this win-win opportunity. Hurry up now and head one over to The hab by Usha for some together fun as you handcraft some love.