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Amritsar, August 14, 2022 (News Team): The Ministry of Interior, State of Qatar has mandated select residency procedures on its behalf through the Qatar Visa Centers. All those going for work in Qatar must complete their biometric enrolment, sign their work contract, and complete their Visa Medical Process in their home countries before going to Qatar. Some of the key medical services that are covered during the Visa Medical Process at the Qatar Medical Center include essential medical check-up, various types of blood tests & X-ray and administration of vaccinations as per requirements.

What is Medical Referral process? What are the types of Medical Referrals?
As a part of the visa application process, after the review of the initial medical reports, some applicants (Lounge/VIP included) may be issued a medical referral to undergo advanced medical investigations as per the protocols defined by the Qatar authorities.

These advanced medical investigations are called Medical Referrals. They include:
•    Additional X-ray images - Applicants may be required to revisit the Qatar Medical Center for additional X-ray images based on MoH instructions
•    Additional lab tests - If additional lab tests are required, then blood samples are sent to external labs for further testing.
•    External Specialist tests - Applicants may be referred to specialists at approved hospitals for further tests based on MoH guidelines (may require the collection of referral letter/ document submission).

Under what conditions are the applicants advised Medical Referrals? / How or why are the medical referrals issued?
After the review of the initial medical reports, MoH may prescribe additional x-ray images / lab-tests/ specialist tests for deeper diagnosis or for confirmatory analysis.

Is the Medical Referral process mandatory?
In case applicants that receive these Medical Referrals do not wish to undergo such investigations, they may choose to not proceed with their visa application by filling out the refusal form available at the reception desk at any time.

How is an applicant informed in case Medical Referral is required?
The applicants are notified through SMS or call.It is suggested to provide correct active contact information at the reception when asked.

How to book the Medical Referral appointment?

The applicants may need to book a referral appointment to undergo the referral process which is explained by SMS or Call. Additionally, they may call QVC helpline number to book an appointment for Medical Referrals.

What is the time taken to complete the Medical Referral process?
These tests may take from days to weeks to be completed depending on the nature of the advanced tests.

These tests may take days to weeks depending on the nature of the advanced tests. In certain cases, there could be a further delay in the additional checks/ verification/ review of the medical reports.

Do the external medical facilities prescribe any tests directly to the applicants?
Medical referral applicants are required to complete only the test(s) that are recommended by MoH Qatar in their referral letter issued by Qatar Medical Center. Any request for additional test(s) that are not mentioned in the referral letter can be reported to Qatar Medical Center by calling +91 44 6133 1333 or by writing to info@qatarmedicalcenter.com/ info.ind@qatarvisacenter.com

Where are these advanced Medical Referral tests conducted?
The applicants may be required to:
•    Visit External Healthcare Facilities for certain advanced medical investigations issued by Qatar MoH, including CT scans, QuantiFERON tests and other tests
•    Re-visit Qatar Medical Center facilities for additional X-ray scans as per instructions from Qatar MoH, either on the same day of their visit or later based on their availability.

In certain special cases, the applicants may be allowed to complete their advanced medical tests at a different Qatar Medical Center location within the country.

Can the applicants visit any external hospital/ lab of their choice?
To ensure that all advanced medical tests are carried out as per the guidelines, healthcare related regulatory compliances and meet the overall quality standards, Qatar Medical Center identifies and empanels accredited healthcare facilities (hospitals/ labs) that meet regulatory standard requirements like NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers).Hence, applicants must complete their referral process only at the approved external labs/hospitals to complete their process.

Are there any additional charges involved in the Medical Referral Process?
The Qatar Medical Center conducts additional X-ray scans at no cost to the applicants. However, for advanced medical investigations that are conducted at external approved medical facilities, the applicants may be required to pay the test charges directly at the referred medical facilities. Applicants will be issued an official receipt by the external medical facilities.

What is the reason to declare applicants medically unfit?

Decision on medical status is declared by MoH as per their protocols and guidelines. Applicants are updated directly about the status through Qatar Medical Center system / Qatar Visa Center website. Reason for Medical - Unfit status is not revealed by MoH.