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Jaswant Singh Zafar Launch Ravneet Singh Bagga’s Book, ‘Healing - Letters to My Friend Sumeet’

Ludhiana, May 01, 2022 (News Team):
A book launch event was organized by Maninder Singh Gogia, Father of Sumeet Gogia at Sutlej Club, Ludhiana on 30th April, 2022 on Saturday. Jaswant Singh Zafar, an acclaimed Punjabi Writer, the Chief Guest for the event was accorded a floral welcome which was followed by Ravneet Singh’s (the author of the book) words. He shared how this book happened to him and his feelings for Sumeet, the key character of the book. The launch was further accompanied by the poetries presented by Jaspreet kaur Falak, Shelly Wadhwa, Amritpal Singh Gogia, Chandni Wadhwani, and Gurdial Majhi. The Chief Guest launched/released Ravneet Singh Bagga’s Book ‘Healing - Letters to my friend Sumeet’. The esteemed guests were welcomed by Maninder Singh Gogia and Bhupinder Kaur Gogia.

In this book, Ravneet Singh Bagga has introduced a soul whose journey from darkness to light is depicted, whose foundation rests on hope and desire. That person is none other than his own friend Sumeet Gogia who is a medical survivor but her divinity is no less than a rising sun. In this book, he has written poems in the form of prayers for his dear friend Sumeet and about her difficult journey. Sumeet is a manifestation of sense, sensibility and sanguiness. A young poet with two books to her credit with every poetic piece reflecting the galaxy of thought and feeling, intuition and emotion, ethics and emotiveness. Sumeet is a melange of versatilities, she is a poet, a painter, a singer and a dancer. She is a role model and inspiration to millions of people, never say no attitude, making all her adversity to diversity, blessing one and all, and always smiling.

 Jaswant Singh Zafar, Chief Guest for the event was felicitated by Maninder Singh Gogia.

The show concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Bhupinder Gogia. She said that she is so proud to be a mother of such divine soul and added that Ravneet is a God’s sent Angel who has always been patient and compassionate towards his friend, Sumeet. The event left the audience enthralled. Throughout the celebration, the zeal and enthusiasm of the revered guests was apparent. The performances left everybody spell bound. Indeed the function was a great success as it received an overwhelming response of the audience.

About the Author- Ravneet Singh Bagga was born in Jhumri Talaiya, Jharkhand, a small town in India. He works as a software engineer in a Multinational Company. He is also a Motivational Speaker, Performance Coach and an Entrepreneur.