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Sat Paul Mittal School Organized a Three-Day Anti Bullying Workshop for Students and Teachers

Ludhiana, May 31, 2022 (News Team):
Sat Paul Mittal School organized a three-day Anti-bullying workshop for students and teachers. Dr. Palak Upadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, DMCH, Ludhiana and Dr. Sarah Sobeh, Counseling Psychologist from Fortis Hospital Ludhiana were the resource persons for the workshop. The resource persons sensitized the students about various kind of bullying such as verbal, physical, social and cyber bullying. The resource persons apprised the Satyans about the difference between bullying and teasing. Also, they were informed about the impact of bullying on both victim and offender along with the legal implication.

Dr. Palak acquainted the audience with the related laws and preventive coping measures for cyberbullying. She laid special emphasis on importance of avoidance, acceptance justification and seeking social support in case required while dealing with cyber bullying. The Satyans were advised to spread awareness about it amongst others as well. The resource person added that the teachers also need to identify gateway behaviour of the students. The need to inculcate right sense of humour among children during early years of education was highlighted. The resource person, Dr. Palak, shared a few case studies to give a clearer picture on the topic. She emphasized that with the emergence of cyber bullying, the role of teacher has gained new importance in the student’s life. She not only shared the data on cyber bullying by Niti Aayog and National Education Association but also suggested conducting a monthly meeting by the Anti-bullying committee wherein members can share and update information on laws, and the list of students involved in bullying. The workshop proved to be a timely and enlightening exercise which empowered both students and teachers to deal with growing plague of bullying effectively.