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Sat Paul Mittal School Launched the Start-up Superstars

Ludhiana, May 18, 2022 (News Team):
With an aim of nurturing the skills, talents, interests, raising future entrepreneurs and providing a formative training which can pay dividends later in life, Sat Paul Mittal School as a part of SUPW launched an ambitious project for the students of Class V- The Start-up Superstars. The Billionaire Fairy Club is an extended arm of this realization.

As a part of the club, we invited the eminent entrepreneurs of Ludhiana -Gautam Sikri, Gaurav Sehgal, Rahul Gupta, Mannat Kothari and Priya Chowdhery to donne the mantle of mentors and edupreneurs. Being seasoned impresarios who have successfully launched their own ventures, they talked about their ongoing journey of learning and development, their ability to continually reinvent their ventures in wake of society shift and technological innovation, choosing the ideas that pick up momentum, a sense of conviction that could rally a tribe and carve a niche for themselves in the society. They gave an insight to the students into the core competencies like pitching, negotiating, making decisions, leadership, customer service and creative thinking. The Satyans were motivated and encouraged to take the leap thereby fostering their proclivity for leadership. The members of Billionaire Fairy Club were presented with a token of appreciation by Principal, Bhupinder Gogia.

Principal, Bhupinder Gogia, addressed the esteemed gathering and emphasized on the importance of youth working consistently towards their dreams and not fearing the failure thereby creating an economy that is robust and self-sustainable. She proclaimed that creativity is in the DNA of Satyans.The eventful day ended with the Vote of Thanks followed by the National Anthem.