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Tarun and Shivani From Dance+ 3
Tarun and Shivani From Dance+ 3
Mumbai, July 05, 2017 (Online News Ludhiana): Dance+ Season 3 launched over the weekend and already gave the ‘Ek Level Up’ feeler to viewers. The talent this season is indeed ‘Ek Level Up’ with newer dance styles and dancers coming in the forefront to showcase themselves.

As we all know this season, apart from the teams of Captain Punit, Shakti and Dharmesh, Super-Judge Remo D’Souza too will be seen with a squad of his own. Remo’s squad includes some of the best national and international dancers, some of which are digital superstars.

The shooting for the show is in Full swing and this the grand premiere of the show promises to send a chill down your spines with the first International dancing sensation on the show of Remo’s Squad which is: Fik Shun! The grand premiere was shot recently and was an experience in itself. The multi-talented Top 12 selected performers, gave their best and managed to stun the Super Judge – Remo D’Souza.

The high point of the episode was the entry of renowned Hip-Hop artist Fik-Shun, who is a part of Remo’s Squad. The 22-year-old artist has been performing since the age of 5 and is the winner of an international ‘So You Think You can Dance’ dance reality show. With Fik-Shun on stage, the captains were under huge pressure and could barely control their excitement to have him on board.

Talking about his experience to perform on a Dance + Stage in India, Fik Shun said, “When I was initially approached for this show, I did not have an idea that I'd experience this intense a level of energy and witness the various dance styles. The Indian culture and grace are beyond amazing. The dancers, dance styles, and their creativity are phenomenal and I can't feel to get enough of it. Remo D'Souza is a tremendous person and an exceptional dancer and choreographer. His vision is par excellence and I'm so glad that I'm in his squad. He truly has managed to get the best of talent from across the nation and I am amazed to see all of this live. It was quite a day and journey in India and I'd love to keep coming back to the nation of incredible talent."

After Fik-Shun’s mind-numbing performance, Super-Judge challenged three contestants from the three teams to battle it out and to try matching up to Fik-Shun’s score. Aryan, Chow, and House of Sooraj battled it out on in 6 minutes long dance-off where each one tried to outdo the other. Aryan swept people off with his notorious yet graceful style of dancing whereas Chao with his flexibility and zeal made people gasp with awe. Maintaining their streak of incomparable performances, The House of Sooraj enthralled people with their performance.

Not only this, Remo challenged the captains on the show, Shakti, Punit and Dharmesh and even the Host Raghav to Battle it out with Fik Shun on Dance Stage and the battleground will indeed be a treat to our eyes to watch on screens.

The overall energy on the show is beyond imagination, and considering that it is just the first mega episode, there’s a lot more coming up for the audience who will experience grandness that is “Ek Level Up” in all aspects – from conceptualization to technical and to the final performance, and from national to international artists battling it out with each other.