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SP Oswal during an interactive and motivational program organized by LMA
Ludhiana, June 29, 2017 (Online News Ludhiana): “The moment you blame someone for the problem, you tend to loose the power of taking a wise decision” these golden words were said by Padma Bhushan SP Oswal, Chairman Vardhman Textiles Limited during an interactive and motivational program called ‘Meet the Icon’ organized by Ludhiana Management Association (LMA). He further added “Every problem has a solution - one has to dig deep into the problem and identify the root cause, rather than taking a hot-headed decision.”

This talk show was attended by more than 200 industrialists, entrepreneurs, professionals as well as senior executives.

SP Oswal, an avid reader shared about his odyssey of success, how important simplicity & humility is to become successful in life. Besides, he also shared about his fondest childhood memories, different choices and profession he would have taken in life, how he sees his life entwined with Vardhman.

Being simple and non-materialistic, this Nehru lover opened up his heart with the audience.

On crisis management he said, “A crisis is an opportunity. Never let it go waste. Faced with the crisis of labor strike in 1982, we came up with the solution of building good HR practices in the company and hence, Vardhman was the first company to set up Manav Vikas Kendra to train staff that emphasized on behavioral skills.”

He further added a leader must be present himself to face the crisis head-on, not escape to safe waters and let others face the heat.

Staying positive and keeping peace in mind is what he advised to the house in whatever circumstance one may be. He expressed, “It’s quite important to note that even after the fairest of the separation process in family businesses, the parties will feel aggrieved at the end of it. So peace of mind is the most significant thing. Little bit of sacrifice will have to be there, if you want peace of mind later on.”

He signed off the session with his belief ‘crisis is an opportunity, never let it go waste.’